FAQ`s Stoked Kids Club

Below you will find the answers to our frequently asked questions. If you are still unsure of anything, we are happy to be available for any further inquiries by e-mail: school@stoked.ch

Yes. Your child needs a ski pass to get access to the lifts and slopes of the Matterhorn Paradise. Children under 9 can get the Wolli Card for free. Children between 9 and 16 years receive the ski pass at a reduced rate. All tickets can be purchased at all points of sale of the Matterhorn Paradise with proof of official ID (including date of birth).

On the website you will find our Stoked Kids Club Ski Level System with the exact descriptions and criteria of each level. You can familiarise yourself with the level videos and compare the skiing skills of your child.

The levels of the Stoked Kids Club Ski Level System are very comprehensive and challenging. In addition, the higher levels often require more complex physical conditions and coordinative abilities, which may also be age-dependent.

Suitable snow proof, warm ski clothes, gloves, helmet, ski goggles, sun cream, ski pass, lip protection, skis, ski poles (from level Snow Bunny), pocket money for a drink.

Yes! It is very important to us that all children wear a ski helmet. Our instructors are role models and wear a ski helmet as well.

Please have faith in the Stoked instructors and let them get on with their job. If your child is crying in the morning, stay within sight for a while. As soon as they have calmed down you can leave them alone with their instructor. Your child is on holiday. They should learn to ski or snowboard in a fun way and they do not need to become a champion within a week!

Yes. Every Friday, the Stoked Kids Club ski race takes place. All children who have participated in a group lesson will take part. Private guests are also welcome to the Stoked Kids Club ski race. After the race we have the prize giving with great prizes!

Yes, the price of the full day group lessons includes lunch. This is arranged by the instructors every day. As a parent you will be notified of the location should you wish to meet your child. Please inform us early on of any allergies and intolerances.

Stoked will take children from the age of 4 upwards in group lessons.

Stoked teenager group lessons are for teens between the ages of 12 and 18.

Stoked will take children from the age of 3 upwards in private lessons.

Stoked place high importance on the quality of their group lessons, therefore we restrict the number of children to a maximum of 8. However, where possible we try to keep the maximum number to 6. The maximum number of children for the Wolli Kids Park level is 6.

Stoked will run a group lesson with a minimum of 3 children.

Stoked group lessons always start on a Monday and finish on a Friday.

The meeting time for Stoked group lessons is 9am. Stoked has a ‘Meeting Point’ at the lower, river level, of the Klein Matterhorn bottom station – right next to Dorsaz Sport. Half day lessons finish at 12 noon in the ski area and your child/teen will have to be collected at the designated point. Full day lessons finish at 15:30 and your child/teen can be picked up from the Stoked Kids Club meeting point (same place as in the morning).

No, we can not respond to instructor requests for group lessons. We place high importance on the quality of children's education. For this reason, the instructors for group lessons are carefully selected.

The grouping is based on the criteria of the Stoked Kids Club Ski Level System, level recommendations from the past and the ages. Reallocations are made, whenever possible, by Tuesday.

No. The lift pass is not included in the price. All ski passes can be purchased at all points of sell of the Matterhorn Paradise – see the first question.

Skiing is an outdoor sport. Therefore our lessons take place in any weather conditions. In case all lift facilities are closed due to exceptional weather conditions or other force majeure circumstances, it is reserved by Stoked Management to cancel the course. In this case please refer to our terms and conditions.

No. If your child does not like the course we do not refund. We ask you to contact us if your child does not like the course so we can do our best to find any suitable option.

Only with a doctor’s note.

Name, first name, date of birth, allergies and intolerances, local contact number, and any special needs.